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AJ-ism #1


I reject the notion that I lack morals, that I have no moral compass. I do indeed have a guiding principle. It's borrowed from the great Isaac Asimov, who once wrote in one of his science-fiction classics, “Never let a sense of morals stop you from doing what’s right.”


A.J. Amador

Fictional Internet Sleuth

From Make It Go Away


The Myth/The Legend


In the ages-old tales of Mexican myth, they tell of a shadow man who emerges from the darkness of night to set right from wrong and punish evil deeds.


He is called el Cucuy.


For generations, Mexican mothers have warned misbehaving children of a midnight visit from el Cucuy for their disobedience and disrespect.


A modern day version of this Latino legend has sprung from the depths of the Internet nether world, seeking to bring justice for victims without recourse.


His name is A.J. Amador—a private research investigator who uses his military training, hacking skills and gut instincts to solve crimes that threaten the well-being of innocent people.


Superstitious Latino friends jokingly call hm el Cucuy de Cyberspace.


He has earned both the respect and contempt of power brokers for his ability to expose lies and corruption—using whatever means necessary.


A.J. hires his services out exclusively to a shadowy organization that goes by the nebulous name of Æsperantu. This secret agency specializes in deep research investigations and cyberspace forensics on a global scale.


Follow the exploits of A.J. Amador and his cohorts as they tackle cases with Latino flair and attitude with the first three books in The A.J. Amador Murder Mysteries of el Cucuy de Cyberspace by David G. Ronquillo.

What's Inside....

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Synopsis and Review

             Fatal Flaws

           Make It Go Away

           Calvary of Our Lady






A.J. Amador is el Cucuy de Cyberspace

Latino Liturgy:     The Series Begins


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