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About The Series


A Modern Day Mystery Series Set in Colorado

With Latino Characters and Heros!


The Latino Liturgy Trilogy portrays Latino life in America as seen through the exploits of four characters as they engage in one mystery after another throughout the books. The main character is A.J. Amador, a former crime newspaper reporter and city-side columnist, who was forced into a career change after getting caught up in an ethics scandal. A.J.’s personal code of conduct is often at odds with conventional morality, leading to personal and professional strife in his life. He now works for a mysterious Internet-based organization with vast resources and takes on research and investigative assignments he believes have hidden agendas.


A Marine Corps veteran, A.J. uses his military-trained experience as a recon/intelligence specialist to perform his unconventional investigations. Joining A.J. in his adventures are his two best friends from childhood, Dominic (Dom) Cortez and Manolo (Manny) Marquez. The three grew up together in Denver’s tough North side and fought side by side against bullies and gang members. They also served in the Marines together with A.J. leading their three-man Force Recon team in action in Grenada. Dom is now a well-respected documentary film-maker, but is frustrated at not being considered to direct feature films by the Hollywood power structure. Manolo is a successful business operator in Denver, running a small taxicab service in Denver with his beloved wife Adela.


The fourth main character is the beautiful Connie Rivera, a former colleague of A.J’s. She is younger than the three others, but grew up in the same neighborhood, once idolizing the trio for staunch loyalty to each other—along with a one-time teenage rush on A.J. Because of the age difference, he was always reluctant to act on his own attraction to her. Over the years, a romantic tension has existed between the two, but the relationship took a bad turn when A.J. was implicated in the scandal, which Connie saw as a failure of the spirit.


Throughout the series, the slice-of-life dramas portray a rich Latino perspective, addresing important social issues and examining the cultural customs and beliefs that are the heart and soul of a unique and vibrant ethnic group. Readers will be treated to three suspenseful mystery books, while getting an informative and touching look into nation’s largest minority.

About Each Book

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Fatal Flaws


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Make It Go Away


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Calvary of Our Lady


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A.J. Amador is el Cucuy de Cyberspace

Latino Liturgy:     The Series Begins


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