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Calvary of Our Lady

ISBN pending

Iin the third and final book of the trilogy, A.J. Amador is called to Denver once again initially to mediate a peace between  two of his best friends, but eventually must help solve the murders of young Latino gay men. A documentary produced and directed by childhood friend Dom Cortez threatens to destroy the career of another close friend, Rev. James J. McDonald, affectionately known as Father Mac in the Latino community. The popular priest must take a leave of absence to fight charges of molestation due to be mentioned in the documentary.


While A.J. tries to get at the truth, Father Mac’s accuser is brutally beaten in a Denver back alley, casting suspicion on the priest. A.J. is forced into another murder investigation—while dealing with conflicted emotions of seeing the beautiful Connie Rivera once again. A surprise also awaits A.J. when he runs into Lauryn Costello, his attorney nemesis in Book Two.


Anticipated Release Date:   June 2021

























A.J. Amador is el Cucuy de Cyberspace

Latino Liturgy:     The Series Begins


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