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There's a way to check whether you'll like the style, plots and characters of Latino Liturgy with....

                                                             T he  99 Cent  eBook Promotion
Fatal Flaws 
                                        Make It Go Away


If you are a devoted reader of electronic/digital books, download the eBook edition of Fatal Flaws and Make It Go Away and add to your iPad or Tablet library. Read and enjoy at your leisure. 

But if you like print books, you can download the eBook for under a buck—and check out 2 or 3 chapters—to see if you'll like it enough to order the paperback edition….WHICH have been discounted 20%  for this promotion.

                                 To view and/or order the eBook edition of Fatal Flaws, click here
                            To view and/or order the eBook edition of Make It Go Away, click here

Note: If you don't have an eBook reader device, the Amazon Kindle Reader is free to down to your PC, tablet, iPad, or phone. Special promotion good through October 15, 2021.

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Latino Liturgy:     The Series Begins


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