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"It's a Latino Thing"


Just what does “It’s a Latino Thing" mean?”

Well, lots of things—food, music, dancing, fashion. Lots of things. But, mostly, it’s attitude. Attitude forged of native bloodlines and cultural perspectives.

* When you visit Latino homes and you find decors that range from muted Spanish pastels to rainbows of South American boldness—"It’s a Latino Thing.

* When you’re invited to a Latino dinner and enjoy exotic fares that run from savory plates of fish and rice to spicy chicken, pork and beef entrees with delicious side dished—"It’s a Latino Thing."

*If you engage in a political or religious discussion with four Latinos and hear five different opinions—"It’s a Latino Thing."

*If you go to a Latino night club and see everyday couples swaying and swinging like they belong on a professional dance stage—"It’s a Latino Thing."

*If you see two curvy Latinas walking down the street, filling tight black and red min-skirts like runway models—being followed by a posse of admiring men—"It’s a Latino Thing."

*If you see Latino Veterans stand at attention during the national anthem being played on TV before a sports event—"It’s a Latino Thing."

These examples barely touch the surface. It can’t be explained—it must be experienced.

I aim to present this experience in A.J. Amador Mystery Series, especially in the opening trilogy: Latino Liturgy.

I hope you enjoy the books.

Let me know.


d.g. Ronquillo

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