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Inspiration for the Series


When I decided I wanted to leave some kind of literary legacy behind, I thought about what literature I liked best—beyond the classics, of course.


That was easy. Stories filled with intrigue.


Spy novels.... Mysteries....










I resolved that if I could not reach the pinnacle of writing wth the Great American Novel, I would become one hell of a mystery writer.


The best advice any writer gets is to write what you know about.


So—what did I know about?


Well, from my years and years in newspaper work, I knew about research and investigation; I knew about the workings of governments and politics; I knew about cops-and-courts and I had developed a good sense of human nature. What I knew better than anything, though, was being Latino—Mexican Latino, to be precise. The culture. The people. The family life. The food. The music. All of it.


So my next question was: how do I incorporate those things I knew best into whodunnits?


The creation of a smartass Latino loner detective called out to me: A cynical Internet investigator prone to quoting moivie lines and his home spun philospher as he solves murder mysteries in unconventional manners.


Thus was born A.J. Amador, a most imperfect human being, whose personality can be summed up in the credo he lives by: “I will brook no truce with Kings, nor suffer fools gladly.” As you can see, this flawed hero is not above borrowing and reshaping words from the Bible (Corinthians Chapter 11, Verse 19) to fit his philosophical needs.


I then reached into my childhood to give my flawed hero an added literary persona as el Cucuy de Cyberspace--the bogeyman of the Internet.


Once I had this lead character set in my mind and on paper, it was left to develop his loyal sidekicks, friends, enemies, and plot lines, of course. The result is what you find presented here in this website. I hope you are intrigued by my characters and books and hope you enjoy reading the introductory trilogy. I hope to write ten A.J. Amador Mystery Books by the time I’m done.


David G. Ronquillo

A.J. Amador is el Cucuy de Cyberspace

Latino Liturgy:     The Series Begins


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